Barangay Gabi, Cordova, Mactan

Come To Where The Best Of The Good Life Abounds!
Be part of the Ajoya community at Cordova, Mactan and witness a seamless fusion of nature and modernity unfolding in an environment that is distinctly and unmistakably Filipino.
Each home in the Ajoya community takes inspiration from the best of Filipino architecture with a modern flair, a fitting tribute to all things that make life enjoyable.
Several types of houses constructed using shear wall technology are ready for your choosing -- shophouses, townhouses, duplex, 1 storey single detached and 2-storey single detached medium and large.

Ajoya features a central amenity area with open type clubhouse to celebrate family’s milestones, leisure pool and basketball court for fitness and sports activities, a green community area with playground where children can revisit the Filipino culture/ games enjoyed by their parents and a picnic area where you can spend the whole day thru. This central amenity located along the river is created as a venue for family bonding and relaxation while enjoying the breeze and what nature has to offer.

Open-air Clubhouse perfect for gatherings
Standard-size basketball court with viewing benches
ommunity assembly area with provisions for Filipino
childhood games(patintero, luksong-tinik, etc.)
Children's playground
Al fresco picnic area with barbecue stations
Recreational pool
Landscaping all throughout the community



1-Storey Single Detached
Bare: P1.67M
Finished: P1.85M

Floor Area: 40 sq. m.
Lot Area: 120 sq. m.


2-Storey Single Detached Medium
Bare: P2.21M
Finished: P2.88M

Floor Area: 64 sq. m.
Lot Area: 120 sq. m.


2-Storey Single Detached Large
Bare: P2.54M
Finished: P2.92M

Floor Area: 80 sq. m.
Lot Area: 120 sq. m.


2-Storey Duplex
Bare: P1.57M
Finished: P1.83M

Floor Area: 44 sq. m.
Lot Area: 80 sq. m.


2-Storey Townhouse
Bare: P1.83M
Finished: P2.13M

Floor Area: 76 sq. m.
Lot Area:
Inner Units: 60 sq. m.
End Units: 80 sq. m.


3-Storey Shophouse
Bare: P2.87M
Finished: P3.41M

Total Area: 102 sq. m.
Lot Area: 72 sq. m.

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Driving Directions

There are two roads heading to Ajoya. You can pass thru Basak road where Pueblo Verde, Gaisano, Mactan Doctors are located and another thru Babag road where Marie Ernestine School and Poblacion are located.

Basak Road - When you reach Marigondon or Cordova crossing, turn right, it is about 4 minutes away from the crossing and right across Gabi Elementary School.

Babag Road - It is about 15-20 minutes away from Poblacion and turns left when you reach Gabi Crossing.


Ajoya is conveniently located near these landmarks:

Passing thru Basak Road -
* Cebu Business District (Ayala/SM) - 16 kms /35 mins
* Maguikay Flyover - 10 kms /26 mins
* Old Bridge - 8.4 kms / 21 mins
* New Bridge - 8.6 kms / 24 mins
* MEZ 2 / Pueblo Verde - 5.4 kms / 11 mins
* Mactan Doctor's Hospital / Gaisano New - 4 kms / 9 mins
* Marigondon / Cordova Crossing - 2.2/2.6 kms / 4 mins
* Mactan International Airport - 11 kms / 26 mins
* Mactan Shrine / Shangri La - 15 kms / 35 mins
* Plantation Bay / Marigondon - 4 kms / 6 mins

Passing thru Babag Road -
* Marie Ernestine School - 7 kms / 15 mins
* St. Alphonso's / Opon Public Market - 9.3 kms / 20 mins


Ajoya (Lot Only)
The lot size ranges from 120 - 273 sqm. The price starts at Php 5,900/sqm with VAT.
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Ajoya (House and Lot)
There are 6 models to choose from with options for bare and finished. The lot size ranges from 60-120 sqm. The price starts at Php 1.57
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