Philippines REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE opens New PNG Office


Chow Realty Opens Papua New Guinea branch

Port Moresby, Oct 26, 2011 -

Leading Philippines real estate brokerage firm, Chow Realty, has just opened a brand new office in Port Moresby to serve clients looking for property in the Philippines. There is a growing trend among Papua New Guineans to invest in the Philippines for rental properties, retirement homes and education for their children. Filipino migrants and workers in PNG will also enjoy the service of a full time PNG based real estate agency to assist in their home, retirement and investment needs. To celebrate the launch of the Gordons showroom and upcoming stall/display at Vision City, Chow Realty is bringing Philippines' top developer SMDC to Papua New Guinea for a series of Property Shows throughout November. 
Philippines has become a target for Papua New Guinean investors because of its comparatively economical real estate. With foreigners able to own condominium units outright in the Philippines, prime area apartments start at only US$2,000 per square meter, compared to an average US$9500 per square meter in the city centre of Sydney, Australia. Many have also discovered the Philippines as a value for money option for a foreign education with an education system inherited from the former colonisers, USA. In addition, the low cost of living makes it an attractive retirement destination. According to Mr. Napoleon Monts, a highlands businessman whose 2 sons study at University of Southern Philippines, “I am happy that I already sent my two children to study in Philippines because the quality of education there is good and cheap compared to Australia, and I plan to retire here!”

Chow Realty will also serve Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in PNG. According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), there are 13,177 Overseas Filipino Workers (POEA survey of 2009) present in the country. OFWs drive the economy and their remittances are the fuel for the present real estate boom in Philippines.

Jensen Chow, the managing director of the Chow Realty in Philippines is a licensed real estate broker under the Philippines government's Professional Regulation Commission. The Papua New Guinea office of Chow Realty works in unison with their newly-opened offices in Singapore, New Zealand and Australia with an aim to strengthen Chow Realty’s presence in the Asia Pacific region. 

To celebrate the launch of the new PNG office, Chow Realty has partnered with SM Development Corporation (SMDC), a top developer in the Philippines for a month long property road show in Port Moresby. SM also happens to be the most well known brand in Philippines and is one of the largest conglomerates listed on the Philippines Stock Exchange. SM stores, malls, residences, hotels, convention and leisure facilities touch the lives of every Filipino. SMDC focuses on the premium middle market and operates SM Residences and MPlace. SMDC have 18 residential condominium projects around Metro Manila. For all of November, SMDC's International Property Specialist, Kathryne Lee-Competente, is in PNG for Property Shows and personal apointments about SMDC's developments in Metro Manila. 

Chow Realty can be contacted on Ph: 342 6418 or or by email:




Chow Realty is a real estate brokerage firm specialising in project
marketing of residential real estate developments in the Philippines.
Our head office in Cebu City, Philippines is complemented by marketing
offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Papua New Guinea. We
also market commercial and residential real estate listings from the
Philippines, and provide property management services to our clients.

Our founder, Mr Jensen Go Chow, is a serial social entrepreneur and
licensed real estate broker under the Philippines government's
Professional Regulation Commission. Mr Chow holds Accounting and Law
degrees from the University of Technology, Sydney and counts over 240
employees in 5 countries over a number of industries and charity/non
profit projects.

Chow Realty provides the following:
Project Marketing
Property Management

We serve as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. We have a
large a database of buyers and sellers - individuals, investment
groups, and corporations. This co-operative database enables us to
match these buyers and sellers in Philippines and internationally.

Project Marketing
We take advantage of modern technology to market real estate
developments and projects of the best brands in Philippines real
estate. We believe that properties are sold through personal diligence
and marketing using innovative methods through our vast
personal/social networks and modern marketing tools to connect buyers
and sellers. We market to Overseas Filipino Workers, immigrants and
foreigners, who will have full access to a wide selection of real
property to choose from.

Property Management
After our clients own a property in the Philippines, our property
management division can assist in the day to day management of the
property from maintenance to advertising for tenants, etc.

Chow Realty works closely with the most well-known and trusted brands
in Filipino real estate. Chow Realty serves as marketing arm to giants
in the industry such as SM Development Corporation (SMDC), Robinsons
Land, Eton Properties, Ayala Land and others.

SM Development Corporation (SMDC) is the fastest growing and one of
the largest players in the Filipino real estate industry. SM is one of
the largest conglomerates in the Philippines listed on the Philippines
Stock Exchange. SM stores, malls, residences, hotels, convention and
leisure facilities touch the lives of every Filipino. SMDC focuses on
the premium middle market and operates SM Residences and MPlace. SMDC
have already pre sold approximately 66% of its 18 residential
condominium projects around Metro Manila.

SMDC provides buyers:
Assurance of quality and a guarantee of completion
Affordable financing plans
Luxurious amenities
Chow Realty
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