Acqua Private Residences

Makati, by the Pasig riverbank

A magnificent multi-tower masterplanned development on a 2.4-hectare prime property, rising right on the water at a point where two cities meet.

Acqua Private Residences follows nature's blueprint by injecting life into the surrounding landscape resulting in a lush tropical rainforest-infused design that brings nature's breathtaking water features and flourishing foliage into an urban location. Six (6) towers lavish you with private uninterrupted views of dazzling Makati skyscrapers across the bridge, the vibrant city sky line to the North, or the tranquil water down below.


Central Location
Located directly across Rockwell via a new bridge that crosses the Pasig River leading into this sensational new waterfront development.

Nature-Infused Design
A new concept in condo living...Acqua brings the tropical rainforest into a residential Eden from nature-infused surroundings as well as multiple waterfalls and water-inspired architecture.

Leisure and Activity
Introducing "The Pebble", an iconic visual landmark that houses your very own Country Club by the Water, as well as the exciting RIVERWALK PROMENADE. That's four (4) storeys of fitness, fun activities, fabulous shopping, dining and entertainment.

Best of all, it's at a price that is so much more affordable than the nearest competition!

By Century Properties
Another landmark development by Century Properties - real estate with passion.


Located across Power Plant Mall, Acqua Private Residences is accessible via a newly-constructed bridge that traverses the historic Pasig River. This provides a direct link to this majestic new address allowing residents the advantage of being situated right at the meeting point of two cities; Mandaluyong, the undisputed mecca for the country's biggest and most popular shopping malls, and Makati City, the Philippines' epicenter for finance and social activity.

Acqua is also accessible from EDSA-Guadalupe on the right, and in the opposite direction through Coronado. The Pasig Ferry-Hulo station is walking distance from the development and serves as an alternative transport route all the way to the city of Manila. Plans are also under way for Acqua's own private river shuttle to traverse the river onto the Makati side of the Pasig.


4 floors. 3000 sqm. 1 elevator ride away.

"The Pebble" is Acqua's central amenity structure and the visual focal point of the entire development. It is a gleaming white, modern interpretation of a smooth river stone with a large cut in front providing an almost window-like vista and three (3) iconic waterfalls on the facade that seemingly flow into the mighty river. It's the ideal venue where you can lounge, energize and plunge as it features fitness club facilities such as a state-of-the-art total health, wellness and fitness center, a 25-meter glass lap pool, a lagoon pool, a basketball/tennis court, and juice bar.

  • lobby
  • juice bar and café
  • lounge area
  • changing room
  • spa
  • hot and cold jacuzzi
  • cardio, weights and trx training
  • multi-purpose studios for dance, yoga and pilates
  • climbing wall
  • cycling and boxing studio
  • basketball/tennis court
  • lap pool
  • lagoon pool

At the ground floor of The Pebble, Acqua features the Riverwalk Promenade inspired by Singapore's Clarke Quay area. Acqua's residents get to enjoy a delightful stretch of restaurants, bars, cafes and designers stores from day 'til night. Arrive by river ferry or water shuttle from the Makati side, dine by the water, shop in hip young designer stores and enjoy sensational views of Rockwell and Makati, all at the first Riverwalk Promenade in the country.

Six towers lavish you with private, uninterrupted views of dazzling Makati skyscrapers across the bridge, the vibrant skyline to the North or the tranquil water down below.

Acqua's buildings are named after some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The Sutherland tower, inspired by New Zealand's famous falls, Iguazu tower from Brazil, Detifoss tower from Iceland, Victoria tower from Zambia, Yosemite tower taking its name from the famous North American national park and its waterfalls.

Straddling the international border between Canada and the US, Niagara falls remains one of the most photographed waterfalls in the world. It is renowned for its magnificence and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power, managing the balance between form and function. This magnificent aesthetic brings inspiration to the Niagara Tower, the first building set to rise at Acqua Private Residences. The Niagara Tower ascends 42 storeys high with around 400 units facing the Makati-Rockwell, Manila and Mandaluyong skylines.

Situated near Milford South in New Zealand's South Island, the Sutherland Falls were long believed to be the tallest waterfall in New Zealand. Cascading in three (3) soaring levels, it falls directly out of Lake Quill which is in turn fed by several glaciers producing their own flow. Its beauty is seen even from the air or by hiking two miles to the base of the falls from the Milford Track. This grandiose beauty brings inspiration to the Sutherland Tower, the second building set to rise at Acqua Private Residences.

Pouring over a landscape of snow, ice and dramatic rock formations in northeastern Iceland is the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe and easily one of the world's most beautiful. 100m wide with a drop of 45m down to what looks like a miniaturized version of the Grand Canyon, it's an awe-inspiring sight to behold and has become the inspiration for Acqua's third tower, the Dettifoss. Rising as the most central of the development's six (6) buildings, it is one of the most desired choices for the future Acqua resident.

Acqua's three previous towers are all named after some of the most famous and breathtaking waterfalls in the world.

Acqua Livingstone follows this tradition as it is inspired by Africa's Livingstone Falls, a collection of surging rapids that are a part of the Congo River. But unlike the common vertical waterfall, Livingstone's 900 foot drop is stretched over a majestic 200 mile cascade.

At Acqua, unit configurations are carefully planned to suit your need for ample living and breathing space. There are 14 units to a floor with south unis facing Rockwell-Makati and north units facing Manila/Mandaluyong. A typical floor houses six (6) 2 bedroom units and eight (8) 1 bedroom units. Certain units may be combined to accommodate larger space for growing families or young coupled who are planning ahead.

1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom Corner Unit

2 Bedroom Unit with Private Garden

2 Bedroom Unit with Sky Garden

3 Bedroom Unit with Private Garden (2 levels)

3 Bedroom Unit with Private Garden

Typical Floor Plan

Upper Sky Floor Plan

Lower Sky Floor Plan

Private Garden Floor Plan