Azure Urban Resort Residences

The Azure is expected to have 9 buildings that seek to set a new benchmark for 21st century tropical living.

Designed by the award-winning masterplanning and architectural firm Broadway Malyan, each tower is set in a breathtaking tropical modern aesthetic that provides optimal natural ventilation, light and shade.

A kidney-bean shaped clubhouse complements an organically formed lustrous landscape that capitalizes on the uniqueness of an artificial beach. This in turn asserts a sense of identity and legibility to the different character areas within the 6-hectare site.

Other amenities like an open park, zen garden, multiple playgrounds, lap pool with cascading waterfalls, kiddie water slide, poolside bar, beach volleyball area and a basketball court have been incorporated into the master plan, adding rich diversity to a natural environment that supports recreation, health and well being.

Two world-class brands come together to create something truly special.

International celebrity and businesswoman Ms. Paris Hilton has chosen to partner with the Philippines' leading and most innovative real estate company, Century Properties and its world-class project: the Azure Urban Resort Residences.

With Paris' innate passion for luxury and keen eye for great design, the project takes on a new, more vibrant and luxurious dimension. The Paris Beach Club at the Azure, which Paris is personally designing with Century's Creative Team, will truly be first-class -- a branded amenity that will be an exceptional attraction for all Azure residents and buyers.

As she begins the process of designing the Beach Club at the Azure, Paris brings her multitude of experiences in her travels and exposure to the world's best beaches and most celebrated seaside resorts.

In fact, she has been to all the nine beach destination that Azure's building were named after.

The Paris Beach Club at the Azure will thus be a fusion of her favorite elements - from the most luxurious places on earth, her flair for design, and her real estate pedigree to Century's venerated excellence and expertise in real estate development.

Paris' first design foray into real estate will bring together classic French Baroque elements with a modernist touch. Unique and inspired lighting will illuminate architectural interiors, rewarding residents with an environment that evokes the familiar and the fun, the cozy and the funky, the classic and the modern.

The daycare center and children's area will blend designs and function, bringing out the child in all of us.

The Beach Club's exquisite poolside will usher in old-world comforts amid a sparkle of alluring lights; like a season of summer in an exotic seaside resort.


Blesses with year-round sunny climates and unrivaled ocean access, America's southernmost resort city is truly a sought-after international recreation destination and has been called the "Cruise Capital of the World."

Ranked as "America's Cleanest City" according to Forbes Magazine for its year-round good air quality, vast green spaces, clean drinking water, clean streets and city-wide recycling programs, it was also cited as the richest city in the United States and the world's fifth richest in terms of purchasing power. What makes Miami truly one of the most beloved seaside destinations is its sparkling waters, and beautiful beaches set against the backdrop of a modern and energetic cityscape.

The Azure looks to this famous Floridian inspiration for its own Miami, rising as the fifth tower on the southern part of the development.

Positano is a small town dramatically perched on the rocky hills of the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy. Its quaint buildings cling, in tiers to the rock face, and small houses, huddle on top of each other, becoming the subject of endless photos. A wonderful kaleidoscope of vibrant colors - from the white of the buildings that form a perfect canvass for the bright flowers which decorate the houses, to small artisans' shops draped in multihued cloth create a vista that is a true a visual siege of delight for all who come to visit.

The Positano, as the fourth building set to rise at the Azure, takes much inspiration from this idyllic Italian port city, bringing its rich tapestry of colors into Century's hottest new masterplanned development.

St. Tropez (sun-to-pay) is one of the most celebrated seaside towns on the French Riviera, and is known today as the playground to jetsetters, models and millionaires.

It remains a picture-perfect postcard: from its pink ochre buildings with red-tile barrel roofs, blue and white shutters to the historic forts crowning rose-hued rocks that oversee the forest of masts that sprout from million-dollar yachts, making their home in its sparkling sapphire water.

This exquisite summer destination of which the French daily Figaro once noted as having "the greatest number of famous faces per square meter" becomes the dazzling inspiration behind the St. Tropez tower - the third building set to rise at the Azure.

The second building rising at the Azure is inspired by the small group of Greek islands surrounded by the legendary Aegean sea. Great poets have sung it praises, with its historic and iconic whitewashed stone architecture, spectacular ocean views and its picturesque sunsets.

The Santorini tower at the Azure celebrates the unsurpassed beauty of its Mediterranean namesake, evoking its sun-kissed charms and the unmatched privacy that truly embodies the perfect island gateway.

The Santorini is designed in a combination of modern and rustic influences; a true urban beach sanctuary that you can call home.

As the first building set to rise in Azure, the Rio is named after Rio de Janeiro, the Marvelous City of Brazil and home to world-famous tourist beaches and beautiful Bossa Nova music.

The Rio captures the fun, festive and relaxed summer atmosphere of its Latin American inspiration. Like the sprawling beachside neighborhoods of its namesake, the Rio is designed with high regard of space, nature and conveniences.