The Moderno at Canyon Ranch

The fastest-selling community in the South unveils a breathtaking new home design philosophy for its third phase.

After the resounding success of Canyon Ranch, and the Canyon Ranch Casitas, Century Properties embarks on an awe-inspiring new concept called The Moderno at Canyon Ranch.

The Moderno is a new design philosophy from Century Properties that embraces change and celebrates the present.

The Moderno's architecture rejects overly ostentatious motifs, preferring to emphasize the purity of the materials used and art in unadulterated geometric forms. It is a response to the frenetic pace of city life, and an expression of simplicity and clarity of form, allowing for the absence of clutter and rewarding us with spatial drama.

Ushering in a clean, green generation
To ensure that future generations can still enjoy living in a healthy, thriving world, we must be mindful of the effects our way of living has on the planet we call home. That in mind, The Moderno at Canyon Ranch has undergone great lengths to minimize our carbon footprint through sustainable eco-friendly architecture.

Fell good about where you live
Working closely with Asya, an architectural firm that is a member of the US Green Building Council, The Moderno at Canyon Ranch employs a "green" design philosophy that takes into consideration attempts to safeguard the environment by choosing eco-friendly building materials.


What is Green Design?
Green Design is a holistic approach to architecture that minimizes a structure's environmental impact, reduces its maintenance and creates a more desirable space for its occupants.

Energy Efficiency
Optimized apertures take advantage of the light and wind flow through its windows, producing good indoor air quality and sufficient illumination, thus reducing electricity consumption.

Moderno's Green Electricity
  • not only do Moderno homes need fewer lighting fixtures (because of the natural lighting from its windows), we've also installed dimmer switches to save on energy
  • electrical outlets & switches are sealed to avoid air infiltration
Thermal Comfort
An adequate thermal break is provided before metal or wood framings for all exterior walls, windows and the roof to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and significantly improve the thermal and moisture transfer properties of the home.

Moderno's Green Foundation
  • Moderno home have an insulated exterior face of the house foundation, as well as insulation below the slab
  • each home has also been installed with a foundation drain to prevent moisture damage
Moderno's Green Roof
  • using light-colored roofing to reflect the summer sun and an insulated roofing system, the Moderno home is provided with air vents/slats for better ventilation
Water Conservation
Moderno's common areas will be equipped with Rainwater Harvesting features that utilizes collected rainwater and runoffs to recharge ground water supplies.

Moderno's Green Bathroom
  • each Moderno home's bathroom is equipped with high-efficiency, dual-flush toilets and makes use of anti-mold finishing tiles, low-flow showerheads & faucets and natural air ventilation thru its windows
Moderno's Green Landscaping
  • installing drip irrigation applies water to the soil at the plant root at the rate that the soil can absorb it
  • installing a rainwater collection system to common areas and permeable paving to help ground water collection/replacement helps maximize the use of water
Sunshading Features
To control direct solar radiation, sunshading will be provided by the natural landscaping or by exterior elements such as overhangs, vertical and horizontal fins, louvers, trellises and the like.

Moderno's Green Windows
  • each home design's windows were located by understanding prevailing winds on site for the best natural ventilation
  • there are shading features for South-facing windows
  • south-side windows have high solar heat gain, while windows on the east and west walls have low solar heat again
Environmental Building Materials
Sustainable construction materials, either natural or synthetic, that cause minimal or no harmful effects on human health and environment are utilized to build every Moderno home.

Moderno's Green Flooring
  • your Moderno home uses anti-mold & mildew floor tiles on the ground floor and uses Bamboo flooring (which is renewable material) on the second floor
Moderno's Green Kitchen
  • your Moderno home's kitchen comes equipped with cabinets made from renewable materials and low-flow kitchen faucets
  • each kitchen also has natural ventilation thru its windows

  • The Clubhouse
  • Village Center
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • San Lazaro Leisure Park


Boom in the South:
The last three decades have seen a surge of progress in the area south of our National's Captial collectively known as CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon).

This according to Newsweek International is called
"The Era of the Rising Suburban Stars"
  • the south is the fastest growing region outside of Metro Manila
  • cities like scenic Cavite more specific to progressive area of Carmona has increasingly become the residential area of choice for many upwardly mobile families and investors
  • in recent years there has been massive private sector and government investment in infrastructure in the South including the ongoing P10 Billion upgrade of South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) which will effectively reduce travel time to Canyon Ranch to just about 15-20 minutes from Makati even at rush hour!
The South is poised to capture growth and market opportunities in real estate, housing and business industries brought about by improved infrastructure and development.


52 sqm • Duplex Unit • 2 BR • 2 T&B • Carport • Terrace

The "City Beautiful" that is Orlando is a two-bedroom home for modern couples and startup families. Its efficient floor layout provides all the essentials - two bedrooms, a den, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen with a built-in sink and cabinet, a carport, and even a balcony. Large windows in steel casement from part of the Moderno green design that welcome natural light into the interiors and create a delightful experience.

Floor Plan

House Interior

75 sqm • 3 BR • Den • 2 T&B • Carport • Terrace

The ocean-swept charms of Miami come alive in this 75-sqm three-bedroom home. Perfect for the family that values quality time, Miami is replete with space for every type of gathering with a den, a lanai area, a porch, a terrace, and - for the modern homemaker - a provision for a laundry or barbecue area. Embodying the Moderno aesthetics, Miami's floor layout maximizes spaces wit certain built-in storage areas in the kitchen and bathroom.

Floor Plan

95 sqm • 4 BR • Family Area • Maid's Room • 3 T&B • Carport

Evoking the high-tech, high-octane lifestyle of Daytona is a 95l'll sq. m. home with four bedrooms and a family room to accomodate your home office of Hi-Fi entertainment system. Other features include a maid's room, three bathrooms, a porch, a balcony, and a covered carport. The efficient kitchen layout (complete with tiled countertop and splashboard; stainless sink with faucet; and built-in base cabinet) leads to a spacious outdoor area where the whole family can enjoy a barbecue feast.

Floor Plan
House Interior

105 sqm • 3 BR • Family Area • Maid's Room • 3 T&B • Split-Level Design • Carport

Lauderdale relives the fun, festive spirit of the recreational Florida city in a 105 sqm. 3-bedroom home. Its split-level design is suitable for medium-sized families and features a balcony, a lanai, storage and laundry areas and a carport as well as a maid's room. The double-height vaulted ceiling of the living room provides drama and visual impact highly appropriate for entertaining family and friends. There is also a provision for an outdoor pathway or staircase leading to the dining room, accessible through a sliding glass door. The Moderno philosophy is further added to the home's exterior finish through natural elements such as a stone cladding and wood combined with a minimalist cement finish.

Floor Plan
House Interior